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  • Community Events

    Food Truck Lunch In Southpark Every Wed...
    8-15-18 5:00 pm - Jeff Adams Tennis Center
    Good Eats & Meets-Charlotte

    Join us for LUNCH at the Largest Gathering of Food Trucks in SouthPark... Short on time?  Need to grab a quick bite to eat close to the office? Come to SouthPark for the only gathering of food trucks in the area. Every Wednesday following, a...

    FREE Training - The Power of Human Capital Lunch-N-Learn
    8-15-18 5:00 pm - Jeff Adams Tennis Center
    Packard Place

    What is human capital? It’s not the business itself that provides exceptional customer service or generates great new ideas. It’s the people. Join us to learn how your human capital strategy can make a measurable difference in profitability....

    Wednesday night sparring practice
    8-15-18 5:00 pm - Jeff Adams Tennis Center
    Charlotte Dagorhir battle games

    Bring: Water, exercise outfit that you don't mind getting dirty.We have loaner gear.Expect to find us at the fields to the left of the disk golf course.We often stay past 7, weather and daylight permitting.Do: Drink lots of water before coming....