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  • Community Events

    The Flying Biscuit 3/6 Sunday Run

    Charlotte Runners

    PS. !!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE NOW OFFERING AN EARLY MORNING OPTION AND PUSHING BACK OUR REGULAR TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEW 6:30am and 7:30am run start time options.. see you on Sunday! #creamydreamygrits Come join us at the The Flying Biscuit Park Road on...

    Renaissance Park Morning Ride!

    Mountain Biking and Fun Activities Group!

    Renaissance Park is the oldest MTB trail system put in by the Trailblazers. It's a classic style trail and a fast Short Track for a total of 8 miles. Pack your bike, helmet and plenty of water. We'll meet up at the Kiosk and enjoy a lap or two....

    Soccer pickup game

    Charlotte Pick-Up Soccer Meetup

    This coed pickup soccer meetup is for all skill level and conveniently located at Latta Park in Dillworth area. This game is free of charge as I am the organizer and take care of all cost associated with it. This pickup is for fun so no tackling...