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  • Community Events

    WE of CLT networking breakfast meeting

    Women Entrepreneurs of Charlotte

    Come join us for coffee/tea, there are whole food and juices plus great conversation in South Park. Come connect with others and bring lots of business cards. There will be a 10 minute spotlight speaker each week to take turns learning more about...

    Eberron 5E

    Role-Playing Games - Charlotte, NC

    THE RING:A subterranean set of dark passages teeming with goblins, underneath a Cauldron bathhouse. IN THIS CORNER:The Black Hat Adventuring Company, a stalwart party of adventurers. IN THE OTHER CORNER:A vampire bugbear named Drakthar. IN THE...

    April Xero Hour: Take a (tax) break

    Xero Hour - Charlotte

    Now even though you did a ton of prep and planning – there’s always a certain rush required come tax season. And that’s okay, because clients love you and your expertise. But now it’s all about you. Take a break and join us for this...